Project leader: 
Dr. M.B. van Riemsdijk
Intelligent Systems

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Interim Project leader: 
Dr. M.V. Dignum
Technology Policy and Management

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This project is part of Delft Data Science

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Supporting staff SHINE project
Wouter Koole
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Invitation to the closing event of SHINE: 

Seminar on Social Sensing Environments - 1 June 2016



Sensing Heterogeneous Information Network Environment

In our modern society, more and more data is becoming available through technological advances like sensor technology, social media and smartphones. This data can concern a wide variety of aspects of our society, for example environment data like air quality, wind direction, temperature and rainfall, or data about cities like traffic density and parking availability. The scientific challenge that we focus on in this project aims at gathering, processing and interpreting this data for answering information needs. More specifically, we address the following research question:

How can heterogeneous resources (people, mobile sensors, fixed sensors, social media, information systems, etc.) self-organize for answering information needs?

The aims of SHINE are:

- Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers of DIRECT, who work in a wide variety of areas within ICT research
- Strengthening national and international visibility of TU Delft ICT research; and
- Kick-starting spin-off projects on a national and European level.

The SHINE Team

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